Return Policy (General Provisions)

1. items can be returned within 7 days upon the next day when the order is delivered.

2.If items are returned for non-quality related reasons, the items and item packaging should remain the same as they are dispatched from and shall be returned together with any accessories, gift and documentation. The condition of returned items shall be fit for resale at any time by (“7-day Change of Mind Return”).

3.7-day Change of Mind Return does not apply to the following items:
   a)Products that depreciates after being activated or used, including mobile phones, computers, tablets and other electronic products
   b)Virtual goods (e.g. E-gift cards).
   c)Customized goods
   f)Infant goods
   g)Some beauty products
   h)Products under some brands does not accept return of the following items:
   a)Any items that has never been sold on (e.g. unmatching serial number);
   b)Any item having quality problems due to unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, damp, accident, alteration, false assembling; or any item having torn or altered label, serial number and security label;
   c)Items without warranty or warranty information does not match the items, or warranty information is altered;
   d)Gift bag or value set items returned partially.

5.Shipping cost is to be borne by users for any 7-day Change of Mind Return.

6.The following articles must be returned together with the items:
   a)Free gifts
   b)Complete item packaging
   e)Item tags
   f)Item manuals
   g)Any other accessories

7.Users shall take reasonable care when packing the items to avoid any possible loss or damage of items that may be caused by shipping.

8.All the above-mentioned clauses are applicable to all the items being sold on

Return Policy (Specific Provisions)


1.1 Any item having damage caused by misuse, careless maintenance or other personal reasons (such as alteration in size, washing, leather goods surface scraping, deformation, oil, embroidery, water washing, acid, alkali, oil or touching hard objects, wearing on rainy days, wearing for a long time, missing hardware parts, etc.) cannot be returned.


2.1 guarantees the supply channels and quality for the items sold on the website and on the mobile application. For safety and hygiene reasons, we do not accept the return of used cosmetic products (including any change in its original packaging) unless such products are proved to have problems in quality by any relevant authority. Product quality assessment from such authority in writing shall be attached when returning such products.

2.2Any item with broken packaging is expired or will expire in 2 months can be returned.

2.3If it is explicitly made clear that such item has broken packaging or will expire in a short period on the website and mobile app, such item shall not be returned for the reason stipulated in clause 2.2.

2.4A certificate from the hospital is required for allergy related return of items.


3.1 Please carefully inspect the food items upon receipt of any order from You may immediately reject the order upon delivery if any problem in packaging or expiration date is found.


4.1No return of items for any damage caused by personal reasons (e.g. alteration in size, washing).


5.1 guarantees the originality of the products. Sometimes you may find the packaging is different from what have been seen on our website as the product manufacturers may alter product packaging, product origin and some attaching documentations from time to time. If you encounter such problem, please refer to the product packaging list contained in the item you have received.

5.2 Personal care products ordered from the, such as Razor, ladies shaving / hair remover, beauty instrument, curler, hair clipper, electric toothbrush, nose hair trimmer, etc., shall be inspected immediately upon delivery. Please contact customer service on directly if you find your items are broken, leaking, missing parts, or are mistakenly delivered.


6.1 Watch, jewelry and gift items cannot be returned if:
   a)Used, damaged or stained
   b)Not properly used or maintained
   c)Opened or have broken seal or tag
   d)Not properly kept
   e)Damaged due to unauthorized maintenance, misuse, negligence, abused, accident, alteration, false assembling
   f)Damaged by food or liquid
   g)Scratched not due to quality issue
   h)Adjusted watch belt for reasons other than quality issue

6.2 Users shall inspect the items carefully upon receipt. If any issue spotted, please address the issue to for return or reject the item upon delivery.


7.1 Sports and fitness equipment and toys cannot be returned if:
   a)Obvious signs of use
   b)Not properly kept
   c)Damaged due to unauthorized maintenance, misuse, negligence, abused, accident, alteration, false assembling
   d)Damaged by force majeure events, food or liquid or scratch not caused by quality issue
   e)Packaging opened or having broken seal or tag


8.1 7-Day Change of Mind Return is applicable to electronic products (including the accessories in the packaging) that are not used and opened and fulfill certain requirements that may be specified by from time to time.

8.2Return due to quality issues includes any damage on the exterior part of the products caused during shipping (e.g. deformation, damaged product exterior part or sunken corners).

8.3Quality issue for any electronic product shall be examined by an authorized after-sale service center designated by the manufacturers to confirm such issues are not caused by the users

8.4Other rules to notice does not accept return of the following electronic products and shall send such product back to the user without paying any shipping fees arising therefrom:
   a)Label, serial number sticker or security label is altered or not intact
   b)The serial number on the warranty is different from that on the product
8.4.2Any electronic product has quality problem due to unauthorized maintenance, misuse, abused, disassembling, collision, damp, accident, alteration, false assembling or keeping cannot be returned
8.4.3Any electronic product having problems which can be fixed via software update or maintenance at an after-sale center designated by the manufacturers cannot be returned
8.4.4Any electronic product that has been activated or authorized by using its serial number, activation number, CDKEY or by other means cannot be returned
8.4.5Any electronic product having scratched security label cannot be returned.

REFUND POLICY. shall settle refunds within 3 days after receipt of returned items. Except for payment by cash on delivery, refund shall be made in the original payment method and the refund amount will be made to your bank account or credit card within 2-5 working days.
2.If payment is made by cash on delivery, the refund will be made in the form of electronic gift card.